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Want to know what's new? Then this is the PAGE FOR YOU!
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Here's a little quiz for you: Are you a FURBY FREAK? Find out here!

1. Do you only buy Duracell batteries for your Furbys? YES  NO 

2. Do you play with your Furbys every day? YES  NO 

3. Do teenagers tease you because of your Furbys? YES  NO 

4. Do you tell those jerks you're proud of your Furbys? YES NO 

5. Do you draw pictures of Furbys during your spare time? YES  NO

6. Do you search the net every day looking for Furby sites? YES  NO 

7. Do you buy Furbys off eBay even though you're under 18? YES NO

8. Do you talk to your friends in Furbish? YES NO 

9. Do you enter the contests on this site? YES NO 

10. Do you talk to your grandparents about your Furbys? YES NO

11.  Do you have more than one Furby? YES NO

 If you answered YES to most of these questions: You are a Furby FREAK! Like me, the only thing in the empty space where your brain is supposed to be is a Furby Obsession! You think Furby, you breathe Furby, you practically ARE Furby! 

If you answered NO to most of these questions: You are normal! You have a brain and a small one at that! You are a normal person, who likes Furbys but is not obsessed with them. You eat normal, breathe normal, ARE normal. (Nothing interesting about you)

If you answered YES and NO the exact same number of times: There is something wrong with your counting skills because there is NO WAY you could've answered yes and no the exact same number of times. THERE ARE 11 QUESTIONS YOU DOLT!! That's an odd number! Go back to First Grade and learn how to count! GEEZ!!

Click below for fun and that's "WOAH!"