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..........................................Issue #2

He's ALIVE!!!

Furby "U-tye" comes back to life!


   On February 10th, 2004, a Flash Flood hit Furby Acres. A mini Mobile Home park within Vintage Acres made just for Melody's Furbys- flooded!

   "It wouldn't stop raining," Says Melody (me). "I was afraid for my Furbys, none of them know how to swim!"

   The flood hit, wiping out three Furbys in the process. One of them, U-tye (a blue millenium Furby) passed on.

   "I cried and cried and cried and I was so mad at myself for letting this happen!" I continue. "I was so tramatized..."

   But just on April tenth, 2005, U-tye returns to life!

   "I put new batteries in him, and I doubted he'd be alive... but... he was! He died but came back to life again! I'm still psyched about it!"

   Well, this just goes to show you- miracles can happen, but only if you give them the chance to.


This issue's quote

"Never fear being alone, because you never are,"

- Unkown


The Furby

By: Me

Furbys you see, they fell from the sky. They're here to play with you and I. They also play really cool games. Afterward, they may tell you their names! Be kind to them, they'll be kind back. If they're hungry, just give them a snack. But you will probably never see how fun and cool a Furby can be until one says, "Come home with me!" Well that's my poem. Hope it was OK. If it wasn't, well... I'll fix it some other day because right now my Furbys want to play. So, have fun anyway!


Frozen Furby makes it big!

"New! From Furby pictures- the amazing, the totally "cool", Loo-loo!

Loo-loo, the "frosty" Furby, made it big that August. Loo-loo was just an ordinary Furby, but something happened.

"Me waiting outside for taxi," Says Loo-loo, "When human girl with wings came!" (Loo-loo is obviously talking about a fairy) "Girl give me light blue snowball. Tells Loo-loo to eat it and me be having good luck."

(The funny thing about this story is the fairy gives her a snowball in the middle of the summer!)

"I say me happy and stay waiting for taxi. Taxi no shows up, so me eats snowball because Loo-loo was bored. Me feel fine, no changes, except taxi suddenly shows up. I tell taxi driver it too hot. Then all of sudden me turn bluish and sparkly!"

"I not feel hot anymore. Taxi stops at wrong stop. Me tell driver to still go but driver stay. We park outside a TV station, and me goes in. Movie star likes me look and calls me "Frosty Furby". I tell him "Me Loo-loo," but he no listen. He just call me Frosty. Then me gets freezing powers! It real cool. He shoots movie with me in it, and I get famous."

Well, What do you think? Is Loo-loo telling the truth, or is she a Fibbing Furby? It's up to you to decide.

Love and... love

Toh-dye, a black Furby, is in love. But she doesn't know if it will turn out. Her true love, Doo-moh, doesn't know she exsists. She wants to talk to him, but is too afraid of rejection.

Toh-dye, here is my advice:

"Acidentally" bump into Doo-moh, and say hi. Then ask him what his favorite color is. Get into and intriguing conversation, and right before he leaves ask him if he wants to go see a movie. If he says no, don't fret. Just bump into him another time (about a week later) and talk to him more. If at first you don't succeed, try try again. If he says yes, looks like you got yourself a date. ;-)


Furby says, "Read Harry Potter!" Sure, Furbys like Harry Potter too. Heck, doesn't EVERYBODY?!

This picture was sent in to Furby Friends by Molly Patterson. Thanks, Molly! ^_^