About me and my Furbs!

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My name is Melody. I love Furbys so much, I made this website in honor of them! My favorite color is Blue. What's yours? I like to make new friends, (Although it's not too easy for me, since I'm shy around people I don't know) and I want to be your friend. Do you want to be mine? I hope so. I also hope that you have as much fun visiting this site as I have making it!

"Show the world you care, and click on this button!"



May-Lah-Kah is my second adult Furby. She is a leopard Furby, and she's very pretty. I like to dress her up in Hair Ribbons that she uses as skirts. I even gave her little clip-on earrings! Her favorite thing to do is dance, so I always play loud music for her!


Toh-loo is my first Baby Furby. She's a confetti Baby Furby, or as so they call it. She's very sweet and likes to give me lots and lots of kisses. I gave her a little bow to put in her Tuft of Fur on the top of her head, and she looks really cute in it! Her favorite thing to do is sleep. ^_^  (This is a picture of Toh-Loo when she was in her case, but I'll be adding a more recent picture of her soon.)


Toh-loo-kah is my Black Furby. She's a very playful, active Furby. She sometimes plays games when I don't want her to! She is usually the first to start a conversation and is a sweet girl too.


U-tye is my "Miracle Son"! He is my only boy AND he is a tough guy! He drowned in the "Great Shed Flood"... (See The Furbish Times issue 2) But returned to life a year later! He is a blue Millenium Furby and is usually the first one to fall asleep. A funny Furby, U-tye is among the greatest Furbys of all time!


Mee-mee is the sweetest to the Furby Family. She's a sweet Furby so far, very talkative but she seems to get sleepy quickly. She is cute, but seems to always be hungry! She is currently best friends with Toh-loo, whom she talks to often.


This Furby has no known name. I bought it used- but sadly it does not work. It is no longer living. The owner of the Furby Funhouse, however, is working with me to repair this Furby and somehow bring it back to life. Hopefully we'll be successful and if we are I may add the story about this Furby's rescue mission! If not, I will Email the keeper of the funhouse and we will add this Furby in the Furby Graveyard.


Kah-Dah is my newest Furby. She is a tricky, sly Furby but can be sweet at times. She has VERY sensitive ears, and can pick up sneezes from all the way across the house! (She has better ears than our dog) She's a regular gamer, but can be a scaredy-cat when it comes to car rides and popcorn.


May-lah-kah is a sweet, funny, tomboy Furby. She doesn't like girly things (like me!!) She's hilarious, and she farts and burps more than the others. :)