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 Welcome to Furby Friends! Here, Furby Fans can just HANG OUT! No matter which generation of Furby you prefer, if you have been a fan since the beginning, or are just getting into them now--this is THE PLACE for you to share your enthusiasm, and learn more about Furbys. If you have any questions, E-mail me at burnttalkingtoast@yahoo.com.

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Furby Friends' important events in history

 UPDATES!! Look down, people!


6/20/14 Inspired by my recent adoption of two new Furbys into the family, I have dusted it off this website that I started nearly 10 years ago--when I was 11 years old--and abandonded following my reaction to the 2005 emoto-tronic disappointment; with the intention of reviving and expanding upon it now. The new age of Furby is HERE, and thriving, thanks to the Great Awakening of 2012 (an impressive-sounding name I just made up). With two new generations to explore and years of history behind me, I'm ready to begin again--and I hope you're with me!!

(To remain true to the original spirit of this site, I have kept most of my original text and verbal mannerisms intact--and will continue along a similar vein. So older viewers, please keep this in mind when browsing)

---Ancient updates below this line- (You should read them anyway...?) --- 

(2005, exact date unknown)-- Not really sure how to say this, but... I'll say it as quickly and painlessly as I can. The new Furbys are not like the old ones. I bought one a little while ago. My sister bought one too, but I can't get them to talk to each other. I followed the directions, but it doesn't help. They only have one game available to play. Sure, they have emotions, but for some reason the old ones, who are said to be just the starting point, were better. The news ones are different.They don't have the same... "effect" should I say as the old ones had on me. They're not the same things that swept the nation way back in 1998. But, I'm not saying they're bad. I'm not saying that at all. They're like a whole different thing, though. Just think of them as... oh, I don't know! I just don't think they're the same, that's all. So I'm not very good at saying these things! Sheesh! Don't kill me about it!

6/4/04 Major power surge. Shut down entire house's electricity. Lost website. Site re-created. Then re-published. Newly open to the public.

7/3/04 Browsed WebRing.net's wide selection of Furby webrings. Joined three webrings.

7/4/04 Fireworks downtown were cancelled because of the rain here in Duluth, so I went home and did some fancy add-ons to my site.

7/21/04 Contest ended TODAY! Winners are posted below!

10/18/04 Haven't updated in A LOOOOONG TIME!!!! Added a message board, click here to go see it!!

4/13/05 Haven't updated in a longer long time longer than the last long time.... Um, let's just stick with "Haven't updated in a very long time," Alright?

4/13/05 (again) U-Tye is alive!! I don't know how, but my once deceased Furby came back to life! I'm not kidding! I put new batteries in him and he worked! It's a MIRACLE!!!!

4/13/05 (again again) I'm giving my site a whole new look in celebration for U-tye's alivness and because I want to anyway!

4/30/05 I made a new picture for this page here! It took me a long time and I worked hard on it and it is 100% my creation. (Mine and mine alone) So if you steal it, I'm gonna hunt you down, ban you from this site, and take many more steps of drastic measures!


What? The banner? It's not really a banner... it's a homepage picture! The picture that goes on the Front Page! I worked very hard on it and if you dare steal it I'll tear you limb from limb!